Cartoon HD Not Working Issue- How to Fix it

Cartoon HD not working: Cartoon HD is a great app for watching cartoons. This app perfectly justifies the word entertainment with latest Hollywood hits along with an extraordinary collection of cartoons. But like every other app, this app too has certain issues. Like it is a fact that all the apps do not work perfectly on all smartphones or PCs. Thus at times, we face certain technical issues with certain apps. So in this article, we have decided to help you out with different Cartoon HD is not working issues.

Cartoon HD app not working and stopped

Technical solution to Cartoon HD Not Working Issue

This is the most simple solution, and at times through this, ‘Cartoon HD stopped working’ can be solved. Follow the instruction:

  1. At times a simple solution works well that you can easily do. Here what you must do:
  2. First, go to ‘Settings’ and from there to ‘General’ and then to ‘Date & Time Settings’ and disable ‘Set Automatically.’
  3. Next set the date for May 30, 2014.
  4. After that double tap the home button and then close Cartoon HD by sliding it up.
  5. Finally, start Cartoon HD, and it should work now.

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#1 Cache Problem

It is one of the most common factors to reduce the file pressure, and at times the problem of the app being slow gets solved. To fix the situation go and clear the cache of the app and reboot the device and the app should work fine.

#2 Buffering or Downloading Issue

It is the most constant and most annoying issue of this app as this takes a lot of time in downloading. The only possible solution is to select a low resolution for downloading so the files can be less bulky and the amount of buffering will be less, and the downloading speed will increase.

#3 Cartoon HD Alternatives

This is the most common solution! As there are a number of entertainment apps available, you can try one of them which has almost identical features and collection of movies and cartoons. But it is a fact that no one offers the same amount of cartoons as Cartoon HD, but there are apps like ShowBox, PlayBox which have a great animated movie collection which we are sure will compensate well for you.

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Final Words

Cartoon HD is the copyright-protected content streaming of Netflix that offers free access to the TV shows and movies. But here the user must know they offer contents even which are in the box office at the moment. So use Cartoon HD with caution, and our advice is only to access the contents which you have the legal rights.

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