Best iOS Emulators & Simulators for PC

iOS emulator for PC” is a popular search term amongst the developer and for those who test apps. But nowadays youngsters also search for the similar thing to unleash a thrill of a new world of playing games.

An iOS emulator can enable its users to run any iOS supported games on a bigger screen like Windows PC. It ignites many gamers because sometimes playing games on tiny screen may become boring.

iOS Emulator/ Simulator- A Clear idea of What these are

Let me clear one thing- iOS has no connection with iOS emulator or iOS simulator. These two things are completely different from one another and even aren’t owned by the same company.

iOS emulator and simulators are developed by enthusiastic developers who want to drag the limit of the iOS to some further extends. Maximum of these are easily downloadable and can be used at free of cost!

Difference Between iOS Emulator & Simulator

We need to have a clear conception before deciding what we need actually- an emulator or a simulator?

For this, we should understand the basic difference between this “almost alike” software.

An iOS emulator is used to have a taste of the thing that isn’t supported by our device (non iOS devices). It creates a host in your device and emulates every program in such a way so it looks like an iOS is doing the things. In layman language, it supports the iOS games and apps running on the devices that are not iOS supported at all.

But on the other hand, an iOS simulator doesn’t create any host. It just changes the graphics and some basic things in a mold way so that it looks like the iOS. Simulators may support some specific games but it’s guaranteed that you can’t run all iOS supported games or apps on it.

A question may pop up in your head then we use a simulator? Simulator reads the codes faster and can launch an app instantly within a second! It’s mostly used by developers to test an app that’s under development otherwise it’s “no..no” if you want to try iOS simulator instead of iOS emulator for PC to run games regularly.

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Best iOS Emulators & Simulators To Try Without Cry!

#1 MobiOne Studio: It comes at the first place

It’s considered as one of the best iOS simulators for PC (running on Windows 7 and later). Being made on HTML 5 hybrid system, MobiOne helps developers to build any iOS app easily without expert knowledge about developing native iOS app.

Best iOS Emulator and Simulator

using this awesome simulator you can share app or web links easily. You can configure every URL and images according to your branding. MobiOne can be downloaded and installed on Windows PC.

#2 iPhone Simulator: Free but powerful

Another powerful iOS emulator that enables you access all your favorite iOS apps right from your Windows PC. Using the built-in simulator you can test the apps which are under development and yet to published.

Useful iOS simulator and emulator

It has a powerful interface with extremely good graphics that resembles an iPhone, you better can say an iPhone clone. Moreover, the software comes at free of cost.  

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#3 iPadian

You better call this a simulator because it doesn’t emulate the process rather it creates a parallel desktop application to launch all the iOS apps on Windows PCs. Windows XP or upper version is required for this.

iPadian the best iOS emulator

The whole concept stands on Adobe air platform. It can’t run all the iOS apps and probably that’s why it comes with a set of apps. Those who have touchscreen PC may not have a pleasant tactile experience with it.

Quick Help Guide to run iPadian on Windows PC

Download the file & start installation: Download the installation file and if you are using Windows 10 then it may show a message to install the apps directly from the app store. But you don’t find these there. So, simply check the option for allowing app installation from anywhere else. For that, follow the string below-

Settings> Apps > Apps & Features [Refer the image below for assistance]


Launch the app: Once the application is fully installed, click and launch the application, it may take few minutes to start the app first time but once it gets open, you can easily head to your tasks. Search the app store there and start installing one of the apps from there to test how it feels to run iOS apps on Windows PC!

These are the top most iOS emulators for PC though there are numerous in the market. We have not tested all of those. We will keep the list updated as we go through the other emulators and simulators in future. Don’t forget to write about anything that you personally tested and faced. The comment section is open for that. We will add that if your experience can add value to this piece. 



  1. Milla McBryde

    September 30, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    Tries to install Mobione studio on my Windows 8.1 laptop but facing error “can’t be installed”.

    • admin

      October 1, 2017 at 5:10 pm

      Please download the installation file of this iOS simulator from the official site. If it doesn’t help, reboot your system and try again.

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